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How I Made College Feel Like Home


For me, I was terrified to go to college for one main reason: the dorm rooms. I didn’t know how I could deal with the stark white walls, dated built-ins, and tight living quarters. But through lots of shopping, planning, and organizing, I made my dream dorm room.

Here are some tips that helped me create a beautiful living space:

Spend Time Decorating Your Bed

Your bed will take up the majority of your room, so it is important to make it something pretty and inviting.

Throw pillows can be a cheap addition that makes a big impact, so stock up! The bed will also double as a couch if you have guests, so make sure you have enough pillows to avoid people having to lean on the hard concrete walls.

Throw blankets not only make your bed look good, but will allow you to snuggle up throughout the day without having to take apart your whole bed.

Utilize Your Space

Buy bins for under your bed and fill drawers efficiently. Any little boxes or bags you have will help you keep things organized and separated. Keep designated drawers for cleaning supplies, office supplies, clothing, and beauty. This will make it easier for you to find things.

One thing that made my room feel more like home rather than an office was keeping the shelves for decorations, not for textbooks and storage. If my school stuff wasn’t in my backpack, it was tucked away on low shelves or under my desk. This was a way to keep my “home” life separate from school.

Cover the Walls Efficiently

A large tapestry is the best way to cover walls while adding decoration. I found this United States Tapestry from Urban Outfitters and sewed the top of it to allow for a small rod to hang it on, which looks much better and solid than hanging it with tacks.

Make Solid Decor Choices

Many people clutter their shelves, walls, and cork boards with random small decorations. Using larger and more simple decorations will make the room feel more clean and organized. One of the best ways to do this is to avoid tacking up photos and opt for framing them. Instead of tacking up a random array of things on my cork board, I got three square pieces of art work and covered the board with it, making it a focal point.


Leaving the comfort of your home for college is hard, but hopefully these tips will help you transform your dorm space into your second home.

XOXO, Olive


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