Top Makeup Picks

I love makeup, but tend to prefer a natural look over a dramatic one. Below are some of my favorite makeup products that I use to create a healthy glow and subtle makeup looks.

faceopenfaceclosedFace Makeup

URBAN DECAY All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

This spray is my go-to for keeping my makeup intact. I spritz some on when I’m done with all my makeup and it keeps it from melting off all night long.

BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

I LOVE this palette. I just recently bought it and will probably continue to buy it for as long as I can. I use the bronzer color to make a simple (and not over-the-top) contour, then add the blush and finish by using the highlighters on my upper cheeks. I also sometimes use the darker highlight as a quick eyeshadow.

MAKE UP FOREVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I got this foundation because of its rave reviews and fell in love. It makes your skin look naturally amazing because it goes on so well that it looks like you aren’t even wearing anything. If you’re going for a “no makeup” look, this is what you want to use.

SEPHORA Beauty Amplifier Afterglow Primer & Luminizer

I prep my face with this before applying anything else. It helps make all your makeup stick while giving your face a beautiful glow. I love that it has a slight shimmer because it really does make your face look brighter and more luminizing.


This was the first highlighter I ever owned/used and it is still one of my favorites. It comes in a really pretty pearl color and when blended in reflects light perfectly.


I use this after applying my foundation to lock it all in. It works so well that if I ever forget to apply it I can immediately tell within an hour because my foundation starts to come off. It is also perfect to keep lipstick on – simply dust on the lipstick using a tissue as a slight barrier between the two and it will give your lipstick a much longer life.

MILK MAKEUP Lip + Cheek in “Perk”

I got this little sampler in a goody bag and have fallen in love with it. I use it as a lip tint almost everyday and it is great because you can also use it as a blush to make your whole look come together.



URBAN DECAY Naked2 Palette

I don’t normally wear eyeshadow, but for special occasions or if I’m in the mood, I always use this palette. It has the perfect earthy yet shimmery tones that can make the perfect subtle look.

SMASHBOX Full Exposure Mascara

Normally the only eye makeup I use is mascara, and this is by far my favorite. I love the size of the brush and it gives me perfectly long and natural looking lashes.

MAYBELLINE Instant Age Rewind Concealer

This was another product I got because of its rave reviews and it lived up to the hype. It is a perfect under eye concealer that covers up any dark spots while giving your face more life. Added bonus – it’s CHEAP!


This is another thing I only use on special occasions, but it makes my eyebrows look amazing. I have very dark and stringy eyebrows and this fills them in beautifully while still making them look natural.


When it comes to makeup, I believe subtle and natural looks are the way to go, and I have found that these products get the job done right.

XOXO, Olive


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