Simple Boutonnières Everyone Will Love

When it comes to boutonnières, simplicity is key. Working in the floral business and making more boutonnières than I can count, I’ve noticed many brides overlook the fact that men may not want to wear bright feminine flowers on their lapel. I have always found that no matter the color or theme of a wedding, you can still have a boutonniere that goes well, and isn’t over the top.


One of my favorite creations up to date were these boutonnières made with thistle, olive branch, and white hypericum berries wrapped tightly with twine. The wedding consisted of lots of white peonies, garden roses, and greenery, many set in beautiful blue and white ceramic vases. Even though there wasn’t any hypericum berries or thistle in the arrangements, the colors made the boutonnières tie in while being masculine and simple.


If there is any amount of green in a wedding, straight green boutonnières will always be a great choice that men will love. The one above I made for a beautiful wedding that had lots of deep reds and wildflowers and these were a great way to make the boutonnières match while not looking too Christmas-y if a red flower was added.

The way I see it, grooms should have a big say in these tiny flower pieces. And I believe these boutonnières are a great example of ones not only they will love, but the bride will love as well.

XOXO, Olive



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