Favorite Little Crafts

I have been in a sorority for two years now, and one of my favorite things about it is all the fun gift-giving and craft-making. After making endless crafts it has given me ideas I can use for gifts in the future, even after I’m finished being in a sorority. Below are some of my favorite creations from the past couple years.


My sorority does a “pillow paddle” exchange every year where Bigs make their Littles blankets or pillows and Littles make their Bigs paddles. I lucked out having these two amazing littles that made me such adorable paddles by staining them and adding flowers, ribbons, and twine. I found this floral fabric that I loved and decided to make them both matching blankets. It was the first time I ever made tie blankets and it was so easy and fun! I loved the way they turned out and can see myself making more in the future for multiple occasions.


I made this adorable little sign so we could take pictures with it. It was super easy, I just spray painted it and used a paint marker to do the lettering. I have been working on my calligraphy skills so this was a fun little project for me.


When I was a freshman I made both my Girl Big and Boy Big paddles. I got the inspiration from actual boat paddles that had these cool designs with the wood showing through. I loved the look of the clean lines and wood look which can be used for a lot of different crafts.

The bottom one was for my Boy Big and was alcohol themed. We are part of the “Idaho Gold Fam” so I used the logo on it and gold paint. The back had an even cooler surprise. I put collapsable shot glasses on the back, turning it into a mini shotski.


For my boyfriend’s formal “White Rose,” I made us both these ChugJugs. It took a lot of layers of Modge Podge to make the paint stay on but they turned out great.


I made these adorable gift baskets for my littles. We are in the “Floral Fam” so I made little burlap canvases with fake flowers on it and added fake flower headbands for them to wear. I got them both adorable little bamboo plants, mugs, and us all matching necklaces.


One of my favorite thing about Greek Life is having all these excuses to make fun little crafts. Hope you enjoyed looking at them and gained a little inspiration!

XOXO, Olive


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