Unique Date Ideas


After getting such a positive response on my budget friendly date night ideas, I decided to make another; this time about unique date ideas you may not have thought of.

Be a Kid Again

Reminisce about your favorite things you did as a child and recreate them! Go sledding, biking, roller blading, play card games, or anything else that you have fond memories of. It will be fun for you to do them again, and entertaining for your S.O. to see you bring out your inner child.

Learn Something New

On Valentine’s Day last year, my boyfriend and I decided to go to a craft store and look around until we found something to do. The first thing we both ran into was a shelf full of origami papers. It was super entertaining and memorable to learn something we had never done before together.

Make an Ordinary Date Memorable

One night my boyfriend and I decided we were hungry and wanted to get some food. After walking around downtown Moscow for a while, we came across a Chinese Restaurant that was closing soon. We ordered food to go, and then went to a nearby park and ate our dinner on a playset. It was one of the most unexpected and memorable dates I had ever been on.

Find New Hobbies

Discuss things you have never done before but have always wanted to. These conversations can lead to both of you experimenting and trying new things. You may even gain a new favorite hobby out of it.

Teach Each Other Something

Have another discussion about things you want to learn, there is a good chance your S.O. may already know how to do some of those things and would be willing to teach you. For example, I once spent an hour with my boyfriend in a snowy parking lot learning to drift a car. I had never learned how to properly do it so my boyfriend taught me. It was a great way to spend time with him while also learning a valuable skill.

Be Nerdy

On a night in, don’t be afraid to let your nerdy side out and find computer or video games to play together. My boyfriend and I will sometimes set up a laptop next to his desktop and spend hours playing computer games together. It may be kind of geeky, but it’s really interesting to see how your S.O. acts in the virtual world. It can even help strengthen your relationship.


Thanks for reading, for more date ideas check out my article “Budget Friendly Date Ideas” 🙂

XOXO, Olive




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