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How Being in a Sorority Changed My Life

Like many people, I was hesitant to join a sorority because of the way they are portrayed in the media. But after spending two years in Tri Delta I can say without a doubt it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Here are some of the ways being in a sorority has changed my life:



In 1999, Tri Delta partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Since then, all chapters of our sorority have put raising money for the hospital as our number one priority. So far, Tri Delta has raised more than $45 million dollars for the hospital, and recently made a fundraising commitment to raise $60 million dollars in 10 years; the single largest fundraising commitment made in St. Jude history.

Being a part of something bigger than myself is incredible. I feel so proud to be in an organization that has helped countless kids and their families receive treatment for free.

(Head to for more details about our philanthropic efforts)


Unconditional Love

I am a very independent person. I was raised that way, and will be that way for the rest of my life. I struggle with reaching out for help when I need it, and usually end up trying to cope with difficult issues by myself.

Last year before Formal Recruitment, I was able to open up to my sisters in ways I had never opened up to anyone before. I cried about things I never cried about, and discussed things I never talked about. It was very new to me, and by the end of it I was shown endless amounts of love and support. A type of emotional support I had never experienced before.

During this time, I learned new things not only about myself, but also about my sisters. They shared their own stories as well, which gave me a whole new understanding about who they are. By the end of it, we truly became family.


Life-long Friends

Friendships have never my strong suit, but joining a sorority has changed that for me. I have gained best friends, future bridesmaids, and people that will always have my back no matter what. Although we may only be in the house for four years, these friendships will without a doubt last a lifetime.



If it weren’t for my sorority, I would not be able to graduate from college. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life and it affects my school work greatly. Having the support system of girls that are always pushing you to succeed is indescribable.



Living in a house full of women may have its ups and its downs, but in the long run the experience has made me proud to be a part of a sorority. I love all these women with all my heart, and can’t wait to spend my Junior year with them by my side.

XOXO, Olive

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