Staying Motivated with Anxiety


Motivation has always been a struggle for me due to my lifelong battle with anxiety. I go from being extremely productive, to procrastinating like a pro. It is no easy task to keep your life on track while going through this battle, but here are a few of my tips and tricks that might help make it a little easier:


Stay Organized

Being organized is one of the main things that keeps me motivated. When I know exactly what needs to be done each day it keeps my stress at bay.

Keep a planner with you at all times. Fill it out as far in advance as you can. Check it everyday and night.

Keep your home as organized as you can. Make sure everything has a place and is kept there to avoid a spike in your anxiety.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Avoid negativity at all costs. Being around unhappy people has a huge impact on not only anxiety, but also motivation. It is unbelievably hard to get anything done when you are covered by a cloud of negativity.

Here are some ways to make your surroundings more positive:

  • Keep your room clean and decorate it with light colors and things that make you happy.
  • Spend time with upbeat people.
  • Wake up early and make the most of your mornings.
  • Create a nightly routine you enjoy.
  • Read and watch encouraging and positive things.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Being active and eating healthy can have a HUGE impact on how you feel. When you’re becoming physically healthy your mental health will follow.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Start any task you have strong, and do your best to get as much done in the first session as possible. You will be more motivated to work on it again in the future knowing you have less to do.

Try Your Best to do What You Love

I never realized how big of an impact this can have on anxiety until I made this blog. I have been doing something that I love and it has made each day so much more enjoyable. I wake up everyday feeling motivated and excited to continue blogging. It gives my life more purpose, resulting in more motivation.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I have just recently started to train myself to worry less about the little things. This blog was the biggest push I’ve made to do so. In high school, there would have been no way I would have started this blog. I would have worried endlessly about what people would think of me, or worry that I would be judged for doing it. Now that I have taken that step and received such a positive response from it I feel I can now push through my anxiety and do anything.

Don’t dwell on your anxiety. Embrace it and make yourself proud by using it to your advantage.

XOXO, Olive



One thought on “Staying Motivated with Anxiety

  1. great post! I agree in high school I would’ve been too afraid to start my blog, but I’m glad I did because I feel like it gives me purpose


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