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Date Ideas for College Students


College is a whole new experience, especially when it comes to dating. You are most likely out of your comfortable home town so finding things to do might not be as easy as it was before, so here are some ideas for dates in college:

Explore Campus

In college, chances are you will only end up having classes in the same few buildings. It is a shame because many campuses have beautiful buildings you never see if you don’t have classes in them. So, take some time in the afternoon to walk around and check out the various places on campus you have never been to.

This is a great opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time while becoming better acquainted with your campus. You may even find a place you never knew about!

Have a Picnic

Get food to-go from your favorite lunch place, grab a blanket, and head to the park! One of the best things about college is that there are usually a good variety of beautiful and well-kept parks/lawns that make the perfect place to hang out.

Study Together

This is a great way to keep your love life and grades happy and healthy. My boyfriend and I will often go pick up some coffee and head to the library late at night to work on our assignments together. It is nice to do at night because once we are finished we can head home and watch a movie together.

Join a Club Together

Universities have so many different clubs and groups open to students. Find one that sounds interesting to both of you and sign up. It will be very easy to come up with a date night when you have a club event to go to together!

Attend Sporting Events

Even if your college doesn’t have very good sports teams, going to the games will still be incredibly fun. Dress up in your college gear, head to the tailgate, and have a great time along with your S.O..

Keep an Eye on Upcoming Events

Colleges try really hard to have multiple events for students to go to when they have nothing else to do. Check your student email or look out for postings around campus for events you may want to attend.

Also be on the look out for events around town as well, such as farmers markets, live bands, etc…

Get Out of Town

If you have nothing else to do on the weekend – Leave! Go camping, shopping, or just explore places you have never been to. This can be especially exciting if you chose to attend a college in a place or state you aren’t very familiar with.


Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my other articles — including my other two date idea posts 🙂

XOXO, Olive



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