Surviving Online Classes

I chose a major that requires a lot of online work. I usually take anywhere from two to four online classes each semester, which can be really tough. Here are my tips to help you survive your online courses: Memorize the Syllabus When you get the syllabus make sure you always have it within reach;… Continue reading Surviving Online Classes


Advice for a Healthy Relationship

Although I have only been with my boyfriend for about a year, I have such a healthy relationship that I wanted to share some advice on how to find and maintain your own: Take Your Time I have always been someone that loves commitment. So much so, that I made every guy I met out… Continue reading Advice for a Healthy Relationship


The Best Motivational Books for 20 Year Olds

I LOVE reading anything that motivates me. Being 20 years old, I have found anything that teaches me about life and adulting super interesting. Here are my two favorite books that can motivate any 20 year old to be excited about adulthood. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps - Kelly Williams Brown… Continue reading The Best Motivational Books for 20 Year Olds


Simple Boutonnières Everyone Will Love

When it comes to boutonnières, simplicity is key. Working in the floral business and making more boutonnières than I can count, I've noticed many brides overlook the fact that men may not want to wear bright feminine flowers on their lapel. I have always found that no matter the color or theme of a wedding,… Continue reading Simple Boutonnières Everyone Will Love


The Perfect Pallet Couch For Your Backyard

A few summers ago, my mom and I had the idea to transform our back patio with this couch. While buying a couch similar to this would have cost a fortune, making it ourselves was cheap and a fun accomplishment. Materials Needed Roughly 10 pallets Spray paint Plywood Staples Nails Foam inserts Outdoor Fabric Throw… Continue reading The Perfect Pallet Couch For Your Backyard