How to Make a Lavender Headpiece

One of my favorite things to make at the flower shop are headpieces. They have been a huge trend in weddings lately and make a beautiful accent piece for numerous special occasions. Here is my step-by-step procedure for making a simple and easy lavender headpiece: What You'll Need Two pipe cleaners Lavender (about double the… Continue reading How to Make a Lavender Headpiece


Favorite Little Crafts

I have been in a sorority for two years now, and one of my favorite things about it is all the fun gift-giving and craft-making. After making endless crafts it has given me ideas I can use for gifts in the future, even after I'm finished being in a sorority. Below are some of my… Continue reading Favorite Little Crafts


The Perfect Pallet Couch For Your Backyard

A few summers ago, my mom and I had the idea to transform our back patio with this couch. While buying a couch similar to this would have cost a fortune, making it ourselves was cheap and a fun accomplishment. Materials Needed Roughly 10 pallets Spray paint Plywood Staples Nails Foam inserts Outdoor Fabric Throw… Continue reading The Perfect Pallet Couch For Your Backyard